Thursday, February 7, 2008

the weather map that night...

Watching the squall line march across the State of Arkansas the night before last was an event I will not soon forget. As the line was approaching our county, the 'casters were counting 40+ rotations. I was in a trailer with no emergency plan. Reading the news this AM and seeing the aftermath that is still being tallied, I am aghast.

This storm kept marching Eastward and affected so many people I know, yet no one has been directly hurt by it that I have heard. Mega Funnels, 1/2 mile wide - typical of Kansas and OZ - were reported almost everywhere I have ties: Mt. View, AR, Jackson MS, Oxford MS, Memphis TN and so on.

Yes, it was the worst tornado outbreak in 20 years. But this storm made the record books for being the deadliest storm EVER in February.

Hard Frost on the ground this AM as dawn breaks.

1 comment: said...

gotta getta plan fo sure....
perhaps some rations, and start diggin that bomb shelter/privy in the backyard.