Wednesday, February 13, 2008

weather letter from our friends at Exploring Izard County

Hey, EIC Readers!Our weather has run the spectrum here in Izard County the past two weeks! From a few inches of snow that transformed the landscape into a winter-wonderland, to a windstorm that spawned destructive fires and blew roofs away, then a direct hit by the F4 tornado that tracked over 120 miles and claimed lives in the county, to finally...a close brush with a nasty ice-storm last night, Izard County has had it's fill of Winter!Not that winter is all bad, mind you. This time of the year in the Ozarks offers views that are otherwise unnoticed during the months of foliage. For the amateur explorer, the bare trees offer insight into hollows and hillsides that hide delightful surprises during the warmer months. This year, winter has given us several excellent posts for the pleasure of our readers.Though we have not gone on any specific excursions in the past few weeks, we did get a chance to take one of our readers and his family out this past Sunday to see City Rock Bluff and the Natural Bridge near Dolph on Calico Creek. Jeff Hodges and his family, Sun-Ai, Sa-Ra, and En-uk are visiting the 'States for a couple of weeks all the way from Seoul, South Korea! Jeff is an assistant professor at a University in Seoul and found EIC nearly two years ago when he was trying to find an online photo of an outhouse. We've been in touch ever since. The day was wonderful and the crew was proud to have had the opportunity to share some of what we've been experiencing with friends of the site.Keep checking the site and looking for our e-mails. We're hoping to offer a group excursion to our readers sometime this Spring! If you're interested in something like that, shoot us an e-mail and let us know so we can get an idea if it is worth doing.Until next time, remember: Every place you haven't been is just another place to go!Cheers from the EIC crew!Denny Elroda.k.a Al-OzarkaFor Izard County Tornado Disaster Relief info: Disaster Relief for Izard County c/o FNBC 1001 W. Main Street Melbourne, AR 72556 (870) 368-4448 Fax: (870) 368-4337From the very heart of God's Country!

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