Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Storms on Super Tues

We knew it was going to be hairy today b/c it was 70 degrees for the past two days. (treefogs and mosquitos for goodness sake!)
At the top of the day, Accuweather predicted it was going to be a record breaking storm day.

The stats aren't in yet, but it indeed, probably was. It's now 9:30pm. I'm watching the second round of tornados head into MEM. Tornados at the airport, Germantown, South MEM already hit around 5:30.

I joined a blog of amateur/junior forecastors/ enthusiasts to keep in the loop. http://forums.accuweather.com/index.php?showtopic=4656 What a thrill this was for me. My comments heat up on page two - look for Delta. Due to the fact that I am in a TRAILER in ARKANSAS, I caught the attention of several junior meteoroligists; they helped me hone in on cells headed my way or not. (eveidently we were in the clear by about 20 miles). But so many people were not lucky tonight in AR. I heard that a tornado hit the one hospital in Mountain View. I40 got shut down for some time. Perhaps there were 4 or 5 f3 tornados in AR this eve.? Fatalaties, yes.

I am not sure a helment, a blanket and a closet are going to help if I do get hit here at the 3xw. There was much discussion if I should drive away, crawl under the trailer or go to the creek through the woods. When the storm hit, my instinct put me in the closet. We need a different plan going forward.

Daren was in town reporting on the election and weather, I guess. Still haven't heard from him.

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