Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Creek Natural Area

Big Creek NA is about 15 Miles North of Holly Springs, AR (the 3xw). The unimproved roads leading to the NA crossed many waterways - running and otherwise. The road was perfectly suitable for a Jeep - post winter rains. Motorized vehicles are stricly forbidden - too bad for you DD - camping isn't allowed either. We actually had to WALK to the creek. With all the recent rains, you could hear the creek/gushing river from a mile up the path. We wished we had canoe/kayak, but settled on a solid tree that was hanging over a bend in the river with some white water below us. Sue Dog fell in, and loved the tough current.
Bamboo, very mature Holly and River Birch trees, moss and ferns hug the creek. Look forward to returning with more foliage on the trees and fishing poles in hand. There must be a lot of trout and small mouth in there. I caught wind of some good summertime swimming holes as well from the local geocaching forum.

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