Sunday, January 25, 2009

Attack of the Beavers

There is a pretty stand of Sycamore Trees on the bank of our slice of Sylamore heaven. It's where we camp. We hadn't been for a visit in almost 3 months. Low and behold the beavers have been busy.

They are eating the bark and killing the trees.



This is all a welcome diversion from the plague of bad front page news elsewhere. But we've got to save those trees! The roots are doing a fine job of staving off flood erosion. ( We lost very little soil during the TWO 100 year floods in the Spring of 08. The lot next to us lost a great deal.)



photos taken with cell phone - sorry.

my temp solution. at hand.




Regina said...

Along a river way near our house the city has put up chain link around some of the smaller trees to prevent beaver damage. It's no so attractive, but the trees are still standing!

Deborah Risberg said...

Hi! There is a pretty easy solution to protecting trees from beavers: wrap them with 4-foot-tall, 4-inch wire mesh, about a foot away from the trees (to allow the trees to grow and so that beaver can't just climb up the mesh/tree and chomp above the top of the wire). Please see info in Animal Protection of New Mexico's brochure at

Al-Ozarka said...

A .22 would solve your problems, Virginia!

I hear beavers make great fedoras!

Kidding, of course!

Not about the fedoras.