Sunday, March 2, 2008

Arkansas Natural Gas: Colorado Natural Gas

'Well' established and in abundance in White County already are hundreds of natural gas wells. More are on their way; it's a busy ant farm around here. I'm still collecting info to make a post on this from where I sit (as there is well in our backyard of rental property). But I can say from one month of observation, that the only impact I readily see are innocuous looking wells that sit on about an acre. There are many gas work trucks on the rural highways going to and fro. Property owners sitting near the wells have large custom built new homes onsite.

The Wildlife and Game Commission has given the go ahead to begin exploratory searching for natural gas in the Baca Wildlife area in South Eastern Colorado. Two documentaries have already been made about this subject and how it relates to Colorado. I Have yet to encounter many conversations in print about the impact for Arkansas - aside from economics.

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